In a healing session, Heather may use a variety of modalities to assist your mind/body system to relax and achieve your goal. You receive what is best for you in that moment.

 Benefits of a Kinesiology treatment:

  • Kinesiology is a study of movement and the muscles in the body and how they act and react when stressed, so a session can assist you to let go of habits of stress or compensation that have been built into the physiology, often through early learning experiences
  • a non-invasive yet powerful method enabling you to obtain a clear sense of self and balance to meet the challenges in your life
  • changes thinking and learning ability from a confused state to maximum efficiency
  • can clear deep personal issues eg. denial, safety and personal boundaries, sabotage, pain, cellular memory
  • great for any behaviour management issues
  •  assists you to think clearly & includes movements to assist with focus, organization, communication, vision
  • offers sensory integration and repatterning techniques
  • Improves muscle tone and balance by integrating early childhood developmental movements- childhood and life-long reflexes

Benefits of a gentle, relaxing massage:

    • Improves muscle tone
    • Helps to alleviate stresses of daily life
    • Relieves muscle tension


Benefits of Myofascial Release techniques:

  • hands on healing that releases tension in the fascia, a tough connective tissue that covers muscles, bones, nerves, organs and blood vessels down to the cellular level
  • reduces the restriction of the fascia, which can cause pain and malfunction throughout the body
  • used to improve physical and emotional functioning



Benefits of  Jin Shin Acupressure:

  • Uses finger pressure on key acupuncture points to balance the meridians and functions of the body. At least two points are held together at the same time.
  • Relaxes muscular tension and balances vital life forces of the body
  • Allows the energy to circulate freely
  • Promotes emotional stability and reawakens the joy of living


Benefits of Craniosacral Release techniques:

  • Uses a very light touch on the head and spine to assist you to feel relaxed
  • Can release trauma safely and effectively