Brain Gym® / Educational Kinesiology Teaching

Heather teaches introductory workshops and accredited courses.

Workshops can be tailored to your specific needs.

Brain Gym® is the first step in learning Educational Kinesiology (Edu-K) courses.

It is great for stress management for all ages! Kinesiology is a study of movement and the muscles in the body and how they act and react when stressed. Brain Gym was developed in the 1970s by Dr. Paul Dennison at the University of California, where he was awarded his Ph. D. for his research in beginning reading achievement and its relationship to covert speech skills.

Balancing the hemispheres with Brain Gym® assists with challenges such as concentration, coordination, organization and communication, dyslexia and depression.  Feel better and live life to the full!

  Heather is a licenced Brain Gym® Instructor/Consultant and teaches three entry level courses and some advanced courses.


  • Brain Gym®104: 26 Movements (16 hours)  This course teaches the 26 movements in 3 movement dimensions: focus, organization and communication. It is an in-depth experience of each movement using the 2010 edition of Brain Gym® for Teachers book.
  • Brain Gym®101 (32 hours)

Participants learn the 26 movements and then concentrate on the 5 step goal setting process and 2 repatterning techniques. It becomes a personal development course as you learn and experience 10 different goal setting strategies.

Heather’s experience using Brain Gym includes 20+ years as a primary teacher and sports coach.  In the classroom, students can use specific movements when they are ‘stuck’ to assist them in achieving tasks in literacy, numeracy, and tests; for organisation and comprehension, motivation and self-esteem, fine and gross motor skills, as well as behaviour, relationships and emotional stability.

These life skills enhance your life allowing you to relax and be your best. Need assistance with creativity or a sports’ technique? Do you want to achieve academic and other tasks more easily and confidently?

  • Visioncircles™ (32 hours )

The Visioncircles’ eight physical spaces each invite development of a different sensory skill, such as listening and thinking (internal listening), moving, seeing, relating and communicating, learning, growing, creating …. and the space within.

As an infant, toddler, and young child first discovering how to learn, you connected with and began to organize your visual and other sensory channels.

Using 32 Vision Gym movements, art and play you will experience these eight physical spaces. This is an opportunity to take time to notice how you use your separate senses (like vision or hearing) and also how you coordinate these senses (as when you look and listen at the same time).


  • Optimal Brain Organization™ (24 hours –advanced course)

In the Brain Organization course, you look at profiles that occur in  challenging situations and then work, through balances, to acquire an integrated profile for a goal.

Students learn about brain dominance profiles and their impact on learning  and when coping with challenges in life- functioning of the whole brain, eyes, ears, hands and feet.

Participants experience the limitations of playing the logic way with lots of rules and competition and then experience the fun of playing the gestalt way with no rules, cooperation, and simply being.

Students will learn 9 Energy Exercises and 4 new balance processes for dexterity.

Participants will have fun exploring, integrating and expanding the unique world of visual, auditory and sensory awareness.

 ∞ Are you right handed or left handed?

∞ Do you use one eye or one ear more than the other?

∞ Do you notice the ‘same old pattern’ when you’re under stress?

Brain Gym® Resources for Instructors, Consultants and Parents

Have fun using Australian Animal PACE stickers or Brain Gym® Movement stickers. Heather also sells Brain Gym® memo pads, PACE carry bags and cloth menus, and a limited range of  Brain Gym® caps.

See the catalogue below:

Brain Gym® Resources Brain Gym® 26 Movements BG101 Information Flyer

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