Switched-On Network MarketingTM

Switched-On SellingTM

Each seminar is a two day training and development workshop for you and/or your business team. The seminars incorporate a powerful approach creating successful selling strategies through brain re-education. Heather  teaches these unique and practical skills to assist in balancing you and improving your business so you can reach your full potential whether you are a networker or business with staff directly selling to the customer.  Relax, focus and reach your full potential.

Are you:

Thinking clearly?

Achieving goals?

Succeeding easily?

Happy at work?

Feeling positive and energetic?

Suffering with aching muscles?

Feeling tired?

The Switched-On Seminars were developed by Dr Jerry V. Teplitz and is based on the work of Dr Paul Dennison Ph. D. in the field of Educational Kinesiology, which consists of easy physical movements that directly enhance brain functioning. Research studies have shown very dramatic changes in performance and success.

The Switched-On Seminars are
 a dynamic training program on the cutting edge
 of 21st century technology using Brain Gym® movements. It is a practical and exciting hands-on training experience that integrates the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

It is based on the principle that you perform at your optimum – mentally, physically and emotionally
- when the two sides of your brain are able to coordinate their functioning.

It enables you to ‘switch on’ the central nervous system for each step in the selling process to utilise your full potential to create greater business effectiveness and success.

Have you ever avoided making phone calls?

Have you ever lost your confidence because someone said ‘no’ to you?

Has your mind ever gone blank while you were handling an issue/ complaint?

Have you ever felt you’d be more successful if you were better organised?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, one of Heather’s business courses is for you.

Learn how to:

  • BREAK through sales blocks
  • PREVENT sales burn-out
  • TAKE the chill out of cold calling
  • TURN OFF stress and negative emotions
  • TURN ON feelings of well being
  • MANAGE your time
  • DO your paperwork
  • ENERGISE your day with a 7 minute tune-up
  • COMMUNICATE with ease and power