Stress symptoms are uniquely personal for each individual. The opportunity to feel calm and relaxed is offered in face-to-face sessions, online or through distant healing.

Listening to your story, understanding how you feel and your present needs, is the basis of Heather’s healing work. She uses a variety of techniques including crystals, essences, sound healing with Tibetan bells and singing bowls, and a variety of movement techniques. This includes balancing chakras and meridians and the aura.

Heather can assist you to think clearly, feel grounded, reconnected to your heart space, and delete negative patterns and programs that may be impacting you on many energetic levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, soul and epigenetic. The negative emotional charge of past experiences can be deleted so you can function at your highest potential in the present.

Do you suffer from anxiety or depression?

Do you push yourself all the time and are unable to relax?

Are you running out of energy because you help everyone else and leave no time for yourself?

Are you such a perfectionist that you are exhausted and have lost the joy of living?

Do you need to be in control of everything to feel safe?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, overloaded with commitments?

Are you feeling disconnected?

Are you feeling out of sorts for no defined reason?

Are you feeling comfortable in your body?

What is the pain you want to change?